Spaceship Trucker

banner with truck, flees and pirate

Riot in space... The committee of intergalactic travel decided to build a new star route, Star Route 66. At first the kingdom of Flee was happy to get connected to the gigantic network connecting the whole galaxy. The small empire would grow strong again and nobody can refuse the wealth that usually comes with a star route connection. After completion and a few accidents it turned out that flying one of the smaller Flee space discs on an intergalactic travel route is a dangerous game. Because of their small size the discs cannot be detected by the sensors of most star route travellers. The Flee uprising started when a member of the Fleeish royal house crashed into a spaceship truck. Since then Flees have tried to block the route. Encouraged by the royal house some of the space pirates joined in to fight the brave spaceship truckers just trying to make a delivery on time.

Spaceship Trucker is a 2D shooter. You are a spaceship trucker travelling down the dangerous star route. The Flees will try to block your way through space and pirates want to steal your precious cargo. Watch out for meteors as well. In each level you'll have to prove yourself worthy of being a spaceship trucker by fighting off dangerous boss enemies.
Good luck to you, brave spaceship trucker.